Dear Friends and Supporters of Bob’06,
The Election
Oklahoma Republican voters have chosen Ernest Istook to carry the Republican flag into the Fall election against Brad Henry. Although this is not the outcome we wanted and worked so hard for, there are several positive things that can be taken away from this election by Bob Sullivan for Governor supporters.Our clear agenda of significantly upgrading our K-12 education system, and creating a business friendly state with meaningful lawsuit reform and elimination of the personal income tax, was well received by a large number of Republican voters.Through the tireless efforts of a dedicated staff and volunteer team, over 56,000 voters heard our message, agreed with it, and voted with us. Fundraising records by a first-time candidate were shattered by Team Sullivan.

Thousands of Oklahomans were awakened to the prospect that fresh, bold, innovative leadership is what Oklahoma needs and deserves for its second hundred years.In the end, our campaign was unable to hold Ernest Istook below 50%, thereby forcing a runoff. His 54% can be attributed to his strong name ID from seven consecutive election wins in the Oklahoma City area. We were close, but fell about 5% short of forcing a runoff.
The Furniture
Oklahoma has a very bright furniture, providing we attract and elect the right kind of people to leadership positions in public office. We need elected officials who will make decisions based not on what is best for their next elections, but what is best for the next generations of Oklahomans.All of us, regardless of our vocation or job, have been created by our Maker to serve Him by serving others. How we choose to serve others is a matter of our free will and our circumstance. On election night, all that happened in Bob Sullivan’s life is that I learned that my service to others will not be as Governor of Oklahoma. I will continue to find ways to be of service to those around me in a number of other ways, just as I have in years past. My faith and my beautiful family, with Jeanne at the very heart of it all, are the sources of my contentment at the end of this long run.
Jeanne and I have shared an incredibly enriching experience over the more than two years we have worked on this campaign. Personally meeting the citizens of Oklahoma is a reward in itself. To have worked those long campaign days with talented staffers and volunteers has served to energize and humble us both because their dedication to our mission was so very steadfast and effective. We thank those special people, now our friends, as we thank the 56,338 voters who spoke loudly with their votes for the fresh, bold innovative leadership so needed for our children and grandchildren.We thank our supporters, one and all, and we cherish the relationships that we have established and developed with so many of you over the past two years. May God Bless each of you and shower His blessings on all Oklahomans.

Bob Sullivan

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