Bob Sullivan has a Vision for Oklahoma

Bob Sullivan wants Oklahoma to be a place where people with good ideas can work hard to bring their dreams to life, where government encourages, not inhibits free enterprise, where families are united and strong, where a great education is available to all, and where neighbors pitch in to make their communities better places to live and work.Bob Sullivan’s proven leadership and experience are what will make this vision a reality. There are plenty of political insiders and politicians in our State Capitol. What Oklahoma needs now is a governor who brings new ideas, determination and private sector business sense to state government.
Traditional Oklahoma Values
The values Bob learned while growing up here in Oklahoma – hard work, honesty, integrity, self-reliance and commitment still guide him today.Bob and Jeanne are deeply rooted in their strong faith. Bob firmly believes in the sanctity of life, taking care of the most vulnerable in our society, protecting the elderly, providing quality and affordable healthcare and honoring our commitments to veterans.
A Dedicated Family Man
Bob Sullivan and his wife Jeanne are just like us. They’ve raised six children, struggled with tight financial times, and held strong to their faith through adversity.Both Bob and Jeanne were raised in Oklahoma, and have spent most of their lives in Oklahoma.They have been married 36 years and today are the loving grandparents of seven. Family has always come first for the Sullivans, and always will.
A Man of Principle
Bob Sullivan’s commitment to making Oklahoma better is evident by his actions.From his work raising funds for several schools that serve impoverished children, and his longtime service on the board of Catholic Charities, to his 16-year tenure on the Board of Directors of St. John Medical Center (four years as Chairman), Bob believes that the cornerstone of a strong community is people working together.
A Successful Job Creator and Businessman
Bob Sullivan is a job creator. Today, Bob runs the 47-year old independent oil and gas exploration and production company where he began working with his father, Spike Sullivan, 30 years ago.Anyone involved in the oil industry knows it’s a tough business with high risks. Through Bob Sullivan’s prudent and steady leadership, Sullivan and Company has grown and prospered, having operated in several states.Bob also founded another successful energy-related company in 1989, and was appointed to Governor Frank Keating’s cabinet as Secretary of Energy in 2002. He continued that work under Governor Brad Henry until October 2003.