I bring a new, fresh and obtainable approach to leading Oklahoma to be much more than it is today. I have nothing personally against my opposition. However, my opponents’ vision for Oklahoma is one that most career politicians embrace. They think the way to build a better state is by building bigger government with more government programs. My vision for our state is to build a stronger economy through lower taxes, spending cuts and lawsuit reform. Then we would have a state with more industry and better paying jobs where our kids can get a quality education and stay in Oklahoma.  And every one could keep more of the money they make.
Oklahoma must create an education system that places us at the top nationally, not in the bottom five in the nation. We can and must have an outstanding education system for our children to compete in the global economy.  For our state’s education system to improve, we can no longer just increase education spending. We must ensure education spending counts in the classroom, where it really matters, and not in the education bureaucracy.  By requiring 65% of every dollar to be spent inside the classroom, Oklahoma will have $270 million more for the classroom each year – and that is with NO tax increase.  However, this is just a first step; standards should be increased and enforced in classrooms so our freshman college students don’t have to redo class work just to be ready to start college. Is that the kind of education system we want for our children?  Enough is enough; we must give administrators the ability to reward good teachers with more pay, to keep them. And, fire bad teachers.  The best way to insure this increased accountability is by introducing competition and parental choice into the education industry.  Competitors improve when they are challenged.  When schools compete for great students and parents have the choice to choose their child’s school, the entire education system will improve.
Tort Reform
To achieve real economic progress, we must create a climate that doesn’t punish doctors unfairly and target Oklahomans without limits.  If we fail, our health care costs will continue to rise and businesses will continue to grow outside the state.  Losers of lawsuits should pay for the litigation costs involved for both sides.  Our state will never be successful in attracting businesses that provide jobs and real economic growth unless we create a business friendly environment starting with a system that requires the loser to pay and limiting the fees paid to lawyers for filing lawsuits.
Eliminate Tax and Spend Policies
Oklahoma will be a state where taxpayers use their money to grow the state’s economy. Real economic prosperity comes from more industry and better jobs, not more government spending.  I firmly believe in the concept of limiting the growth of government to no more than population plus inflation. You can be sure, in a Sullivan administration I intend to reduce the size of government, not just tame the growth of government.  We can do this by eliminating wasteful spending, taking advantage of attrition, and by privatizing some state services.  A smaller government will push more dollars to the private sector and unleash growth potential to levels never before seen in Oklahoma.
TABOR enforces financial discipline on state government that Oklahomans use every day around their kitchen tables.  State spending and government growth should not grow faster than the businesses and people that provide the taxes.  I have faith in Oklahomans. They know best how to spend their money, not the career politicians who have not managed our state spending responsibly. I will trust Oklahoma taxpayers with their own money over career politicians any day.
Tribal Issues
All Indian tribes should be treated fairly as partners for our economic growth.  Partners treat each other with respect and honesty.  As such, being treated fairly ensures a level playing field in the marketplace, not government granted competitive advantages.  As a business leader, I have worked with the tribes and negotiated fair deals for my investors and for the tribe. That is the type of effective leadership Oklahoma needs in dealing with the tribes and that is what I will do as Governor.
Toll Roads
Turner Turnpike is a barrier to economic development and has the potential to be an engine of economic growth, as Governor I want to explore eliminating the tolls between Tulsa and Oklahoma City in a fiscally responsible and strategic way that unleashes economic growth between our two major cities.
I am pro-life and have been active in the right to life movement for many years,  fighting to protect the innocent unborn.  I oppose abortion in all instances with the exception of when the life of the mother is at stake.
Gay Marriage
I believe in protecting the sanctity of traditional marriage and oppose gay marriage.
I am firmly committed to protecting our state from illegal immigration.  Immigrants from other countries must follow our laws and learn to be an American citizen and learn and respect our culture.   This includes applying for citizenship and learning our language.  In addition, we must not allow illegal immigrants to access state services. And, under my leadership, Oklahoma will crackdown on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and assist them in breaking the law.  The federal government needs to protect our national borders and ensure that national security is not diminished.
 I am firmly committed to protecting Oklahoma from illegal immigration.   Immigrants are welcome in Oklahoma, as long as they are here legally.  Immigrants must follow the law, and they should learn our culture and language.  I believe both state and federal government need to work together to ensure that America’s borders are secure and our citizens rights and benefits are protected. 

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